Please set the location permission to "Allow all the time" otherwise Family360 may not work in the background. (Only for devices with Android 10 and more)

Go to 'Settings' on the phone

Tap on 'Apps', tap on 'Family360', tap on 'Permissions'

Change the 'Location permission' access to 'Allow all the time'

Please ignore if already done, the notification will be dismissed shortly.



The fixes need to be done on the device that is not updating the location and not yours.

For example - if you are the mother and are not able to track your son, these fixes need to be applied to your son's phone and not yours.

For  iOS:

  • Check location permission is set to Always for Family360

  • The device should not be in low data mode or battery saver mode.

  • Background fetch should be enabled for Family360

  • Family360 should not be force quit (reopen the app once and keep it without swiping it away)

  • The app is force quit when swiped away from the recent apps screen (this behavior is not required and is also harmful to your device.)

For  Android:

There can be several reasons for the issue.

1. The app has been uninstalled on the other member's device or the location permission is not set to "Allow Always".

2. The battery optimization for Family360 was not disabled or got re-enabled by the user or the device itself (can happen in some cases)

3. The app is not able to connect to the servers (can occur if VPNs are used)

To fix step 1.

Only for Android 10 (Q) OS and above devices. :

  • Go to 'Settings' on the phone

  • Tap on 'Apps', tap on 'Family360', tap on 'Permissions'

  • Change the 'Location permission' access to 'Allow all the time'

  • Change the 'Physical activity permission' to 'Allow'

To fix step 2.

The fix shall take hardly 10 seconds.

Check for disabled battery optimization for Family360 on the device that's not updating location as expected.

The steps to do so can be found by

1. From the map screen, tap on the three horizontal lines( or the hamburger icon) at the top left corner.

2. Scroll down to find settings.

3. Tap on turn off battery optimization.

4. Follow the simple on-screen instructions

or follow this short clip 

for Samsung and Lenovo devices (

for other devices (

If this doesn't help, uninstall and reinstall the app from here

If the issue persists, there can be some data inconsistencies, please contact with your circle code at